I start my investigation of kids coding tools with studio.code.org  The website is really well organized, and you don’t have to give away your email or sign up in order to start playing around with the games.


Programming Elsa to walk in a certain path is harder than it looks!  This puzzle has just a few lines of code to choose from, but you have to decide what order to put them in, and what degree of a turn she should walk, plus how many steps she should take in a straight line.  You really have to think like a computer, or like a robot with blinders on.


code an angle


It’s pretty exciting to see whether your code works.  If you make a mistake, you get pointers on how to fix it.




I still don’t know how I could have used only 4 blocks.

This is a nice way to learn coding, and I think kids could catch on much more quickly than adults.  This really is a different language.