Rube Goldberg and grade 5 science

I am working on a unit plan for Forces and Simple Machines for my practicum in April / May. My hope is to introduce construction of simple machines in a way that makes students want to start building and experimenting without worrying whether their design is right or wrong. I have two ideas for inspiration. One is an OK GO video that uses a massive Rube Goldberg Machine:

The video was made with a company called Synn Labs and these folks specialize in contraptions.

Another fun intro piece I’m hoping to use is a book that my classmate Britney brought to our class.   Rosie Revere, Engineer, by Andrea Beaty is a story of never giving up on your pursuits.




Now to work the concepts of Experiment Design and Fair Testing into the lessons…that’ll be fun.

Thanks for reading, friends.


Camtasia: How to embed a Youtube video into your post

This was Youtube embedding INCEPTION! I used a software program called Camtasia to do a screen capture of how to embed a youtube video into a WordPress blog post.

The Camtasia software offers a free 30 day trial, and it can do quite a bit. I just did a very basic video without any editing or special effects. I have a head cold and sniffles while recording. Here it is!

Spice up you Life!

Girl Power.  Here’s a fun little illustration for THIS magazine, and I worked with a really great art director named Dave Donald.  I feel like this is one of those few instances where the rough got approved right away, and I went straight to final without too much stress or pressure.  What a joy.  The article is written by Alexandra Molotkow, who describes the transition from Spice Girl obsession as a girl to feminism as an adult.  Fun read.  The magazine is on newsstands now, and will probably hit their website soon!

Spice Feminism
image by Mariah Burton